Dumet Wire, Glass-to-Metal Seal, 0.35mm (.014") x 100'

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  • Manufactured by: JLC Electromet Pvt. Ltd


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One 100' spool of glass-to-metal sealing Dumet wire. Wire is cleaned, ready to use and furnished on a 2" plastic spool.

Dumet wire is composed of a nickel-iron core in an oxygen-free copper sheath and it forms a vacuum-tight glass-to-metal seal against soda-lime and lead glasses.

  • Material: Dumet (Nickel-Iron, Copper)
  • Diameter: 0.35mm ±.01 (0.014" ±.0004)
  • Length: 100' (30m) min.
  • Net Weight: 27g
  • Finish: Borated
  • Sheath Composition: Cu 99.96% min. with 0.00% Oxygen
  • Core Composition:
    .05% max
    1.0% max
    .30% max
    .02% max
    .02% max

Storage: Dumet wire should be stored away from moisture.

Cleaning: Prior to assembly / beading, Dumet wire that has been handled can be cleaned chemically in deionized water with 60% formic acid and 10% hydrogen peroxide. The copper surface must be smooth and free of scratches (if needed the surface may be re-polished using a suspension of fine alumina powder in distilled water).

Dumet wire section micrograph

Product is available since 02/16/2016

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