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6GK6 Power Pentode Tube

In Stock: 3


Model: VT-6GK6
Price: $21.19

Weight: 0.03kgs

Date Added: Thursday 01 July, 2010
6GK6 tube, new old stock, boxed. Tested working and guaranteed 30 days. Substitutes: 6HB6 EIA Base: 9GK Filament Voltage: 6.3V Filament Current: ... more info
6SN7GTB Medium-Mu Twin Triode, Matched Pair

Out of Stock


Manufacturer: Raytheon

Price: $33.58

Weight: 0.065kgs

Date Added: Wednesday 08 December, 2010
Matched pair of Raytheon 6SN7GTB dual triode tubes, new old stock. Black plates, side D getter. Tested working and guaranteed 30 days. Matching ... more info
AD711JR Precision BiFET Operational Amplifier

In Stock: 20


Model: OP-AD711JR
Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Price: $9.69

Weight: 0.001kgs

Date Added: Monday 30 August, 2010
Analog Devices AD711JR precision BiFET operational amplifier in SOIC package. Analog Devices Part#: AD711JR Supply Voltage (Single): 9V to 36V ... more info
Aluminium 3003 Sheet / Plate, .125" (3.2mm), 6x6"

Out of Stock


Model: SH-AL3003-125-6x6
Price: $18.16

Weight: 0.247kgs

Date Added: Thursday 07 April, 2011
One square plate of aluminium 3003. Cold-rolled, half-hard temper. The 3000 series are the most corrosion-resistant of aluminium alloys. This ... more info
Atmel ATMEGA8-16AU AVR Microcontroller, 8-bit, 8K, 16MHz, TQFP-32

In Stock: 40


Manufacturer: Atmel Corporation

Price: $5.17

Weight: 0.001kgs

Date Added: Saturday 28 August, 2010
Supply Voltage: 4.5 to 5.5V Core Processor: AVR Core Size: 8-bit Core Speed: 16MHz Connectivity: I2C, SPI, UART User I/O Ports: 23 Program ... more info
Banana Jack, Panel-Mount, Black (10 Pk)

Out of Stock


Model: C-BA-FJ-250-BLK
Price: $8.06

Weight: 0.025kgs

Date Added: Tuesday 27 July, 2010
Lot of ten banana jacks for through-hole mounting. Hex nut and lock washer is included. Mounting: Panel Mount For Cutout Diameter: .350" (8.88mm) ... more info
Banana Plug, Male, Red (10 Pk)

In Stock: 50


Model: C-BA-MP-250-RED
Price: $8.98

Weight: 0.029kgs

Date Added: Tuesday 27 July, 2010
Lot of ten (10) standard banana plugs. Overall Length: 1.57" (40mm) Insulation Diameter: .338" (8.6mm) Contact Length: .625" (16mm) Termination: ... more info
Copper Sheet #30, .010" (.25mm), 6x6"

Out of Stock


Model: SH-CU-010-6x6
Price: $15.50

Weight: 0.093kgs

Date Added: Tuesday 26 October, 2010
One sheet of cold-rolled and annealed copper 110. Copper 110 provides great electrical and thermal conductivity as well as excellent corrosion ... more info
Dumet Wire, Glass-to-Metal Seal, .35mm (.014") x 50'

In Stock: 58


Model: W-DU-014-50
Manufacturer: JLC Electromet Pvt. Ltd

Price: $48.29

Weight: 0.165kgs

Date Added: Monday 21 June, 2010
One 50' spool of glass-to-metal sealing Dumet wire. Wire is cleaned, ready to use and furnished on a 2" plastic spool. Dumet wire is composed of a ... more info
Electropolishing of Nickel, Kovar or Stainless Steel Parts

In Stock: 999

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Model: S-CLEAN-K5
Manufacturer: Hypertriton Inc (Services)

Price: $1.00

Weight: 0.001kgs

Date Added: Saturday 09 April, 2011
We can perform electropolishing and cleaning of parts (or assemblies) composed of nickel, Kovar and/or stainless steel. We can provide this service ... more info

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