Tool Steel Grade O1 Rod, .0625" (1.6mm) x 12"

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  • ROD-O1-063-12
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One length of Grade O1 oil-hardenable tool steel, annealed. For suggested heat treatment procedures, refer to the datasheet.

This material is available in continuous lengths up to 3'. We can provide custom lengths, custom diameters or machined and hardened parts. Our toolmaking department can also supply fully hardened dies and punches in standard or custom sizes (please inquire).

  • Material: Tool Steel, Grade O-1
  • Diameter: .0625" ±.0005" (1.58mm ±.013)
  • Length: 12" (30cm) min.
  • Net Weight:
  • Temper: Annealed
  • Hardness (Annealed): Rockwell B89-B110
  • Hardness (Maximum Attainable): Rockwell C57-C62
  • Yield Strength: 50ksi ~ 99ksi
  • Finish: Precision-Ground
  • Ends: Unfinished or Machined (ask)
  • Meets: ASTM A681
  • Datasheet: AISI_O1.pdf

Product is available since 12/18/2020

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