L6506 Stepper Motor Controller, DIP-18

  • Catalog Item: 603
  • Model: MOT-L6506
  • Weight: 0.001kgs
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  • Manufactured by: ST Microelectronics


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STMicroelectronics L6506 stepper motor controller IC. Intended for use with dual-bridge drivers such as the L298, quad darlington arrays, quad DMOS arrays or discrete power transistors. The L6506's main function is to sense and control the current in each of the windings.

  • Manufacturer Part#: L6506
  • Supply Voltage: 10V
  • Input Signal Voltage: 7V
  • Oscillator Frequency Range: 5-70kHz
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 150°C
  • Package: DIP-18
  • Datasheet: L6506.pdf

Product is available since 08/30/2010

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