Ultra High Vacuum Processing

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We can perform vacuum processing for electron tubes in small quantities. Our system uses turbomolecular pumps, cold traps and ion pumps to achieve a hydrocarbon-free vacuum of 10-8 torr to 10-10 torr in properly cleaned tubes. Please contact us with the details of your application for a free quote.

Tube envelopes may be made from soda-lime glass, lead glass, borosilicate glass or quartz. Tube elements must be constructed from UHV-grade materials and cleaned (we can perform procedures such as Electropolishing and Vapor degreasing at an extra fee).

The process includes degassing of the tube envelope as well as degassing of the metallic elements by RF induction heating. The seal-off is performed using a high-purity hydrogen flame.

Tubes can be filled with accurate amounts of spectroscopy-grade argon or hydrogen (other gases are also available on request). Filaments will be tested and monitored for 48 hours or more if requested. We can also measure interelectrode capacitances (to 1pF accuracy), and test other characteristics such as cathode emission.

Product is available since 07/15/2010

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